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Island Spirit has offices at all of Thailands yachting destinations so when you list with Island Spirit; you get personal representation at our offices across Thailand and instant exposure to the global digital market place via Yachtworld

Fastest way to sell your yacht

Placing your yacht for sale with a Yacht Broker is the fastest way to sell your yacht because you immediately get exposure to a broad range of buyers, and when you take into account mooring fees, ongoing care and maintenance, time is of the essence.

At Island Spirits Brokerage, you not only get immediate exposure at all of our Marina offices, but your yacht is placed on YachtWorld where it is syndicated across a huge network of Brokers worldwide.

Beyond just exposure to the ever-growing online market place, Island Spirit Brokers maintain a list of clients that have expressed interest in specific types of yacht. When a new yacht is placed in our brokerage that matches their criteria we’re able to give them a “first look” before the yacht hits the mainstream market, this can result in an almost immediate sales transaction.

How to list your yacht

Most sales of pre-owned yachts start by the buyer seeing a listing online. So, the quality of the photos of the yacht is of the utmost importance as to is the written description of the yacht and its equipment.

It remains the owners responsibility to provide the information that Broker requires including:
Copy of the official registration documents
Photos to be used for the sales listing
Written description of the current condition of the yacht A list of all inventory included with the sale of the yacht.

Arrangements can be made to employ resource to prepare, take inventory & photograph yacht if required.

Our Listing Agreement


Valuing your yacht

The Owner is responsible for setting the list price of the yacht. However, your Island Spirit Broker has access to a comprehensive global data-base of yacht sales detailing the actual selling price of specific yachts.

Your Island Spirit Broker can, based on this historical data, provide you, the Owner, with a price range of similar yachts at have recently been sold.

Selling your yacht, Step-by-step

At first-look, the procedure that sets out the steps for selling a yacht may seem complicated, however, this procedure is quite standard around the world and is there to protect both the buy and the seller. In summary the primary steps are:
List the yacht

Broker presents the yacht to perspective buyers
Only formal offers are presented to the Owner and require from the Buyer; a signed offer, a deposit payment held in escrow by your Broker. The offer is made Pending any conditions made by the buyer and usually include, Sea Trails, Inspection and so forth.


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Listing your yacht for sale

Listing your yacht for sale

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