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Listing your yacht for sale

List your yacht for sale

July 13, 2020

Listing your yacht for sale.

Perusing online listings are the primary way prospective buyers shop for their next yacht. Island Spirit Brokers are on location to help you put together all the information they require to be
able to present your yacht to the market with confidence. To be able to list your boat, we need to:

  • Do market to analysis validate price integrity.
  • Complete a listing agreement
  • Verify ownership and put on file copy documentation
  • Make an Inspection and take Photographs & Video
  • Compile a list of inventory that will sell with the yacht.


Conduct market analysis to validate price integrity.

Setting the right price to equitably positioning your yacht in the current market place is a daunting yet critically import task. Your Island Spirit Broker has access to the historical sales data via our commercial partnership with YachtWorld. With this, we have access to real-world data and actual selling prices to provide a starting point. From there, we apply our local knowledge of the regional and local market to help you make a well-informed decision about your entry selling price.


Island Spirit Brokerage listing agreement

The Listing Agreement defines the obligations of the Owner and the Broker. This is not an exclusive agreement; the Owner is free to list the yacht with competitive Brokers; however, this can confuse the market and make it more challenging to ensure accurate representation. You can review and download the Listing Agreement here.


Verifying Ownership

Clearly to be able to present your yacht to the market for sale the Island Spirit Yacht Broker needs to verify that you are, or can represent the Owner of the boat and that the relevant documentation required to transact the sale of the yacht are valid, and are at hand. The Primary method for verifying ownership is to present the Yachts Registration book.

For a complete list of documents required to transact the sale of a Thai registered Yacht, please refer to the post. Process for Transferring Thai Yacht Ownership


Yacht inspection & Photography

We cannot over-stress the importance of this step in the listing process, and we highly recommend that you are present for the yacht inspection. At the end of this exercise, we need to have completed the inventory list and have a good stock of quality photos and video footage of the yacht.

During this procedure, the Broker will also be able to advise you on any actions that you could take that may improve the sales potential of the yacht.

For more information, you may download: Yacht Inventory List form.pdf | A guide to Yacht Listing Photos and Video.pdf

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